Produced by Dactah Chando & Umberto Echo

Produced by Dactah Chando, Umberto Echo and The Evolution
Production assistant: Toby Nambur
Executive production: Achinech Productions

The Evolution:
Drums & Percussion: Giuseppe “Big Finga” Coppola
Keyboards: Frank “Pollensi” Polla
Bass: Fabian “Odi” Zepezauer
Guitars: Florian “Stahl” Münzer

Additional Recordings:
Backing Vocals: Sara Lugo & Dactah Chando
Flute: Max Merseny
Saxophone: Hannes Beblo
Trombone: Roman Sladek
Trumpet & Fluegelhorn: Daniel Noske
Bass: Dactah Chando
Percussion: Dactah Chando, Umberto Echo
Guitar: Ferdinand Kirner
Blues Harp: San2
Clavinet: (Children of Dub Umberto Echo Dub Mix) Toby Nambur

Recorded at Planet Earth Studios Berlin by Umberto Echo and The Evolution and Achinech Studio Tenerife
Mixed and additional recording by Umberto Echo at Elevator Studios Munich
Mastered by Dieter Pimiskern at Dorian Gray Mastering Eichenau Germany
© Copyright 2018 Achinech Productions S.L. All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured.
Cover by: @IombiGarcia
Ankh Craft: @Kyospro



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